Anna VanNostrand served as an elementary educator and academic coach for over 18 years and believes that passionate teachers create passionate learners. As a life-long learner, Anna is active in research, keeping up with the most recent researched-based instruction that drives success. As an educator who fully invests in her students, she differentiates— choosing specific tools that lead to mastery in literacy. Her background in mindset coaching helps her embed strategies within sessions to unlock individual potential. This leads to success in class and in other useful and challenging endeavors in life.

Through her role as a district academic coach and elementary teacher, Anna VanNostrand took many experiences within her classroom walls that drive her current online instruction. For example, her experiences with literacy and knowledge of our current standards help her adapt and tailor curriculum to meet the needs of each individual student. Anna builds her own curriculum for students who need new sets of text, works with current curriculum assigned by teachers, and adjusts assignments with students to keep them motivated, driven, and able to show success. 

In addition to her knowledge in literacy, she is also aware that developing the right mindset is crucial for a successful, happy life. When students know their brains are capable of growing, they are more confident, resilient, and are not afraid to fail! This belief drives the start of each of her sessions. Students become aware that we can control a growth mindset—the belief that effort makes the difference. This is the key in driving performance and unlocks the untapped potential in all of us.